For their first release since their debut album "Spirit of the Redwoods”, Mystik Fool launches a brand new single “I’m On My Way” produced by drummer/producer Jeff Martin. The song takes you on a sonic rollercoaster through sound design, multilayered harmony, and soaring choruses. “I’m On My Way” was written in 2018 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame where brothers Simon (bass) and Galen Deery (vocals) went on a vacation. “We were sitting in our hotel room playing Wii Sports, and the tune just popped out! Ha!” 

       As the band worked on and finished the song, it took on a life of its own while maintaining their optimistic attitude. So as you listen, think back to any of the traveling you’ve done and remember the feeling of coming home. That is what this song is about. The tension of wanting to continue exploring the world while the tenderness of home soon awaits. “I've never liked coming back home after my wild adventures around the world, so we wrote this song as a remedy to that feeling.” 

For fans of good vibes, beach music, surfing, road trips, thinking out of the box, and loving life!

Latest Release - I'm On My Way

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