Who are we?

About: Mystik Fool

Mystik Fool is a four-piece original band from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania. A revival to say the least. A new, edgy, beautiful, and wild sound fronted with a Ukulele. They formed in 2016 by brothers Galen (vocals) & Simon Deery (Bass) and launched when drummer Michael Lear and guitarist Will Coccia joined in 2018.


Mystik Fool has toured across the US (including Alaska & Hawaii), parts of Europe, with sights set on Australia. Opening for artists such as Trevor Hall, Matisyahu, Kyle Smith, Sensi Trails, Mike Pinto and more. Their self-proclaimed genre, “Spirit Jam”, has been coined due to the surplus of styles coming together from Rock to Reggae, Pop to Folk, and medicine music to prog. With all of these influences, Mystik Fool brings a message to reintroduce a seemingly lost idea of living through love.


PurePop Publishing (Moby) signed on with their debut single "Shine" in 2019 pushing the band out into the spotlight, attracting publishers Like HeavyHitters to sign on with multiple tracks being placed in the popular day-time soap Opera "Young and the Restless". Their debut album “Spirit of the Redwoods” came out in the fall of 2020. A collection of 14 songs produced by two-time grammy nominated drummer/producer Kevin Soffera. They’re single “I’m on my way” dropped a year later with Producer Jeff Martin (Trevor Hall) The band plans to tour and record their next album during 2022. Enjoy and follow the band here on Spotify. Peace...

•Galen Deery• Ukulele, Vocals

Starting as a drummer at age 7, Galen took to music right away. Picking up the ukulele at age 14 and never putting it down. Inspired by eastern philosophy and spiritual practice. He writes the songs with the intention to bring more love and unity to the world.

•Simon Deery• Bass

Starting on the electric bass at age 11, Simon quickly became fluent in genres like, funk, classical (upright), jazz, rock, and fusion styles. He brings a unique, and raw feel to the music that always leaves people questioning what kind of music it is that •ITO• actually plays. Simon continues to lay it down, phat, funky, and in the pocket.

•Michael Lear• Drums

Since his teenage years, Michael Lear has been holding the pulse for bands. With a background, of punk, dance, reggae and more, he offers a wide range of rhythms for ITO's sound. Micheal also has professional training in yogic techniques, and body healing practices which shows through the way he plays and the connection between band mates. 

•Will Coccia• Guitar

Will immediately became savvy with a guitar when he picked it up at age 14! He was enrolled in the youth program "School of Rock" where he was able to experience jamming on stages to crowds. Since then he's graduated from the Lehigh Valley Charter School for the Arts (LVPA) and is attending Moravian University. With a background/current style of Jazz, finger style, and hard rock, Will breaks the boundaries of sound with ripping solos and melodic necessities to carry the band further and further.